Global Service Corps 25th Anniversary Special Program Invitation

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Please join GSC Founders Rick and Maxine Lathrop as they celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the very first international service-learning volunteer program back in December 1993. Rick and Maxine will be in Cambodia on a memorable two-week special cultural immersion service-learning experience beginning June 23, 2019.
From Rick: “It has been our dream for all these years to serve and learn with fellow volunteers as we change our own lives and the lives of those we serve. Please think about joining us as we know you will enjoy getting to know the Cambodian people, culture, and cuisine. Plus, we’ll all be participating in a service project together.
Besides welcoming individuals to join us, we also welcome families, including grandchildren, to participate in this special program. This Cambodia service experience would make a wonderful holiday gift to those special family members we all love so much.
As you can imagine, there is additional planning required for our time together so we are asking that you reserve a spot by sending along a $300 deposit/person no later than February 15th of next year. Reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.
Along with Maxine and me, we anticipate around 10 participants to create a close-knit group experience. Follow the link for more information about this 25th Anniversary Special Program.
Feel free to email or call us if you would like more information.
We are so excited about this once in a lifetime trip. Maxine and I look forward to spending this special time with you.”

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25th Anniversary Friends and Family Service-Learning Journey

Special Two-week Program June 23 – July 7, 2019

This Cambodia cultural immersion service-learning program will be hosted in Cambodia by GSC Founders, Rick and Maxine Lathrop. Program participants will join the Lathrops in this special experience to learn about the Cambodia culture and history, and to participate in a service project. Participants will gain insight about the ongoing effects of the Khmer Rouge genocide in the 1970’s. Learn why GSC has been working in Cambodia over the past ten years and how your participation can make a difference. The program will include:
>Three-day orientation
  • Lectures on Cambodia history, society and culture from university staff member
  • Basic Khmer language instruction
  • Visit to a Buddhist monastery and lecture on Buddhism by senior monk
  • Visits to the Royal Palace compound, the National Museum, Khmer Rouge genocide sites, and other historical sites
> Seven-day service project
  • Choice of Buddhist Immersion/Teaching English OR
  • Child and Orphan Care Program
> Two-day Siem Reap trip
  • Flights to and from Siem Reap
  • Visits to world heritage site Angkor Wat and other historical sites
  • Boat trip to floating village
  • Accommodations in comfortable tourist hotel

Buddhist Immersion/Teaching English Programs (Teaching experience not required)

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Option 1: The Buddhist Immersion – Meditation Program introduces and provides the opportunities for Western teachers/participants to live on a rural historical large monastery and to practice Theravada meditation with Buddhist monks and nuns at a Cambodian monastery. This program is in partnership with a senior monk and meditation teacher with the assistance and participation of Cambodian monks and nuns at a large Cambodian monastery.
Option 2: The Buddhist Immersion – Contemplative Program provides opportunities for participants to live on a large monastery near Phnom Penh which includes a training center for young monks. Time is available during the day to tour the wat grounds, and spend about one hour/day discussing Buddhism in English with senior monks when available.
Participants on both programs will also be actively involved in the monastery including interacting with monks, and nuns at the Meditation Program site. All participants will also teach English to young monks or local elementary school children in the evenings. Accommodations will include housing in on-site guest rooms and meals prepared by monastery staff. (Meditation Program dinners at local restaurant.) (Local guesthouse accommodations are available for an extra charge. Contact GSC for details.)

 Child and Orphan Care Program

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The Child and Orphanage Care program provides opportunities for participants to assist the GSC local partner organization in providing care, education and psycho-social support to orphans and/or marginalized kids aged 3 to 18. Participants teach English (prior teaching experience not required), or other skills, provide arts and crafts activities and engage in recreational and other support activities. Participants with specific hobby or educational backgrounds and skills are welcomed to share these with the kids. Accommodations are provided at the headquarters home of our partner and include delicious Khmer food and air-conditioned double rooms with Western bathrooms. (Local guesthouse accommodations are available for an extra charge. Contact GSC for details.)
Program Fees: $2,662 Contact GSC for details on service project guesthouse accommodation options. Extra weeks can be added. Contact GSC for details.
Program fees include: Airport pick-up, drop off, and project transportation; accommodations including all meals; language and cultural orientation and project preparation guidance, project administration; donations to partner organizations. And Special 25-year Anniversary Offer: Two-day excursion to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat not normally included in a two-week program.
Program fees* do not include: Airfare, travel health insurance, required background checks, and visas.
Tax Deductibility: All program fees, including airfare, may be tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Consult your tax advisor for full details.
Reserving your spot: Due to additional planning required for this program, a $300 deposit/person will be due no later than February 15. There is a maximum group size of around 10 participants, and reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.
For more information, Contact: or 503-954-1659

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