GSC Travelogue: Executive Director’s Trip to Cambodia and Program Updates (Part 5/5)

[ Last September, Global Service Corps’ (GSC) Executive Director traveled to Cambodia to work on expanding GSC’s service-learning programs. In January, he will return to Cambodia with some GSC staff members to expand upon these developments (expect updates around February!). For now, the following travelogue presents the recent developments with GSC’s programs and introduces GSC’s partner organizations and the individuals who are working to improve the lives of Cambodians.

This post will highlight the developments in the Public Health Training program and introduce GSC’s newest partner, Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia (RHAC).]

Last weeks post discussed the expansion of the Buddhist Immersion program. In this final post from this travelogue series, GSC is happy to introduce our newest Cambodian partner organization, RHAC, which will be a part of our Public Health Training program. RHAC is one of the leading community health providers and training organizations in Cambodia. The headquarters office is located in Phnom Penh,  with clinics, and associated youth, workplace, and other community health programs located throughout Cambodia. GSC is working with RHAC to support and further develop these community health programs in Phnom Penh and several other provinces.



The RHAC youth education program includes a Facebook page and other online resources. GSC looks forward to working with RHAC to further develop these resources and encourage their use in rural areas.

Formerly called the Global Public Health program, GSC’s Cambodia Public Health Education Program seeks to provide critical public health education to families and youth. With the exciting new partnership with RHAC, GSC volunteers will be working in Phnom Penh and rural areas where RHAC maintains clinics and provides health education services to adults and youth. Volunteers will be given an inside look into the realities of the public health needs in Cambodian communities.


RHAC youth health programs provide community workshops and resource materials


RHAC clinics in Phnom Penh and the provinces provide staff and technical resources for community health services and outreach programs


RHAC community meetings

During the September visit, GSC also attended an annual leadership gathering put on by the Khmer Youth and Social Development organization (KYSD). GSC was lucky to be invited to this gathering by KYSD, who provides capacity building programs, focusing on youth living in rural Cambodia.


KYSD community program youth and partner government leaders


Conference cooks with Rick and GSC volunteer

GSC was able to lead an afternoon workshop to identify community health issues and resources in provinces throughout Cambodia.


KYSD workshop focus groups


KYSD session reporting on rural community health issues and resources

With the help of the KYSD gathering and the partnership with RHAC, volunteers in the Public Health Education Program will now work with RHAC staff and youth leaders. Though specific involvement may vary based on the needs at the time of your placement, a program might consist of the following:

  • Leading health workshops on subjects possibly including:
    • Hygiene and sanitation
    • Nutrition
    • HIV/AIDS prevention
    • Family planning and pregnancy care
    • Domestic violence
    • Breast and cervical cancer
  • Assisting the nurses in the local clinic with basic first aid care
  • Making case visits to families
  • Conducting community health surveys

If you are interested in this program, or any of GSC’s other programs, click here and don’t forget to watch out for more program updates after January!

If you don’t want to miss out on these updates, sign-up for the GSC Mailing List.




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