GSC Travelogue: Executive Director’s Trip to Cambodia and Program Updates (Part 1/5)


UNESCO World Heritage site Ankor Wat.

Last September, Global Service Corps’ (GSC) Executive Director traveled to Cambodia to work on expanding GSC’s service-learning programs. From GSC Executive Director:

“During this trip to Cambodia, I became more acutely aware of the devasting effect of the Khmer Rouge Genocide on the Cambodian society and its ongoing consequences for Cambodian people. Although the Khmer Rouge reign in Cambodia lasted less than four years between April, 1975 and January 1979, Cambodia suffered a devastating blow to its development as the Khmer Rouge killed millions of intellectuals, businessmen, doctors, Buddhist leaders and foreigners, and destroyed much of the Cambodian infrastructure. Cambodia as a country experienced, and continues to suffer from, the effects of mass post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and is struggling to rebuild its infrastructure, institutions and identity as a people.


Victims of the Khmer Rogue genocide (top) and a killing field site (bottom)

While in Cambodia I met with a number of Cambodian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) doing their best to heal the wounds of Cambodia, to assist affected populations, and to rebuild its infrastructure. GSC is pleased to now be working in partnership with these organizations in this healing and rebuilding process through the following service programs:

  • Community Development and Leadership Training
  • Public Health Training
  • Child and Orphan Care
  • Buddhist Immersion
  • Teaching English “

In January, he will return to Cambodia with some GSC staff members to expand upon these developments (expect updates around February!). For now, the following travelogue presents the recent developments with GSC’s programs and introduces GSC’s partner organizations and the individuals who are working to improve the lives of Cambodians. This post highlights the Community Development and Leadership Training Program and GSC’s partner organization, Youth for Peace (YFP):

GSC works with YFP to provide Community Development, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and Leadership Training to youth and adults in Phnom Penh and Cambodia provinces.


Khet Long, YFP Executive Director

From Khet Long, YFP Executive Director: “Welcome to Youth for Peace, a Cambodian NGO that offers education in peace, leadership, conflict resolution, and reconciliation to Cambodian’s youth. We created Youth for Peace because real peace, social justice and law enforcement still do not exist in our society. The poverty, impunity, culture of violence, human rights violations, and political discrimination are barriers of building a culture of peace in Cambodia.”


Reconciliation meeting among Cambodian youth and Khmer Rouge survivors and ex-soldiers


One of several books and publications produced by YFP, containing short portraits, mainly taken from the rank and file Khmer Rouge – mostly ex-soldiers


Proud workshop graduates

Volunteers who serve at YFP become a part of YFP’s movement to build a culture of peace, social justice, and a healthy society in Cambodia. With offices in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, and Cambodia Provinces, YFP empowers its youth to become community leaders and agents of social change. YFP prepares young people for active citizenship and leadership by expanding their minds, improving their communication skills and becoming aware of their role in community issues. YFP’s environment is filled with laughter, creativity, appreciation, and provides a safe space for youth to express themselves.


YFP Emotional Intelligence (EQ) leadership training workshop by past GSC volunteers

GSC volunteers will be highly intertwined with YFP’s community, and youth leadership development work. Activities vary based on YFP’s needs but may include some or all of the following:

  • Working with YFP staff to further develop existing or future programs
  • Planning and leading leadership training workshops including EQ (Emotional Intelligence) workshops
  • Leading workshops on other subjects based on VP expertise and YFP’s needs
  • Assisting YFP with preparing program evaluation reports or grant proposal

Warm connections

To learn more about Youth for Peace, the Community Development and Youth Leadership Training Program, or any of GSC’s other programs, click here.

Check back tomorrow for a post highlighting the Child and Orphan Care Program!


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