GSC Day Camp 2015

Pic for O'Mara Day Camp Blog Post

Global Service Corps’ 2015 Day Camp consisted of 48 students aged 12 to 18 years from a local school in Arusha, Tanzania. The students were instructed by four volunteers, two interns and two camp supervisors.

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The topics of the camp included HIV/AIDS education and prevention, life skills such as resisting peer pressure, goal setting and decision-making, as well as general health education. The goal of the GSC Day Camp was to educate and train student leaders to return to their school’s health club as peer educators.

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During this year’s GSC Day Camp, students participated in role-playing activities with their peers, targeting good decision-making skills for engaging in healthy behaviors (i.e., drug/alcohol use, safe sex/abstinence).

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Each day the students participated in extracurricular activities after their regular instruction. The students were able to create skits, art and dances according to their interests.

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Special guests were invited to attend the extracurricular activity time and provide the students instruction on different topics such as nutrition and cooking using  nutrient-rich foods (a topic learned during the nutrition seminar). GSC’s efforts to introduce more nutrient rich foods, like the orange sweet potato, into the diets of Tanzanians is one step toward solving this problem.

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The day camp ended with a graduation ceremony, celebrating the newfound knowledge the students gained throughout their experience. This is where the students demonstrated what they learned through the skits they prepared and the art they created.

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A special guest speaker from the Ministry of Education gave an encouraging message to the students and parents in attendance about keeping the students safe and continuing to use and share what they have learned during camp.

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Each student received a certificate of completion from GSC, which serves as a reminder of what was learned and encourages the students to be leaders among their peers and community members. Then, the celebration began!

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– Heidi O., Tanzania Integrated Program

Photos courtesy of Elise Hassey.

Check out the gallery below for more spectacular photos by Elise:


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