5 Great Reasons Not to Miss Out on GSC’s Summer Volunteer Programs


Summer will be here sooner than you think! Past GSC volunteers weigh in on the five reasons why you should spend your summer on one of GSC’s service-learning programs in Cambodia or Tanzania.

GSC offers 2-12 week service-learning opportunities for students and non-students alike. With start dates every month, GSC has a range of programs to fit every age group, interest and skill set. Many of our volunteer programs are cross functional in nature (e.g. HIV/AIDS prevention blended with sustainable agriculture), making the volunteer experience truly unforgettable and unique.

Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t miss out on GSC’s Summer Programs:

1. Serving alongside local professionals will give you perspective.

VP Farming with Maasai

A GSC volunteer farming alongside Maasai women in Tanzania.

GSC’s programs are designed for serious volunteers who are up for the challenge of meeting great needs amidst the realities of a developing country. On one of GSC’s service-learning programs, you’ll be immersed in another culture while working with local professionals to deliver lasting impact. Here’s what it will feel like after completing your project:

“I will always remember those eight weeks as being full. They were educational, enjoyable, gratifying, and most importantly humbling. I am proud of myself for choosing a service-learning program for my time abroad because I realize now more than ever how lucky I am. I know that it is my responsibility to use my privilege to do good things that help other people, and try to make a difference.” – Naomi M., Semester, Tanzania

“I think I learned a simple truth: that there is dignity in forgiving the past, living a day at a time, eking out an honest existence, and enjoying each other’s company along the way. I think this is the genius of the Cambodian people and will serve them well for many years to come.” – Doug H., International Health Program, Cambodia

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