Life after AmeriCorps: Service Learning in Cambodia

It’s almost 6:30 p.m. and I just had my last supper with the Global Services Corps Country Coordinator, Sophak and a new volunteer from New York, Marcos. I had an omelette with Acacia leaves and Cambodian iced coffee. We talked about photography and our experiences in life, and before dinner, Sophak and I spoke about my experiences here in Cambodia. I had an extraordinary time. It is the most exotic place I have ever been so far in all of my travels. I was lucky to be in a country with such friendly, warm people. I am grateful for the experience. “

I admire the tenacity of the Cambodian people and how adaptable they are, and positive. Cambodia has experienced wars and turmoil all the way up to just a few decades ago, and they are in the rebuilding process, both infrastructure and with themselves. I honestly believe, since the population is 95% Buddhist believers, this is what keeps them moving forward, but taking a day at a time to rebuild. They have my utmost respect. What a people. Cambodia is unique to any country I have ever seen.

Laureen D. AmeriCorps Alumni and participant in Global Service Corps’s Buddhist Immersion Program 

In partnership with the University at Albany (UAlbany), State University of New York, Global Service Corps is now able to accept the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award on all service-learning community development programs in Tanzania and Cambodia.  Through UAlbany, AmeriCorps alumni will be able to access and apply their awards towards GSC program fees, airfare, and related expenses. Global Service Corps programs offer a unique opportunity for AmeriCorps alumni to continue to refine their skills and foster their commitment to service in an international setting.  Whether serving in Tanzania or Cambodia, alumni can stay involved in issues that are important to them while they make a positive impact on global communities.

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