Fruit for Thought – Food Security in Tanzania

There is something quite beautiful about buying bananas and oranges from a smiling village mama that has her freshly harvested produce piled on a blanket by a dirt road.  The Tanzanian sun is shining down on the meager selection of fruits that are far too blemished to be sold in an American grocery store.  Somehow I knew I was going to appreciate and savor the orange I had just purchased more than I do the oranges I meticulously select from the massive piles of produce readily available State side.

In Tanzania, you eat what the rains provide. Each crop has a season and without easy access to water or refrigeration systems, food is available when nature relinquishes it from her soil.   This means that there are seasons of hunger and malnutrition is widespread.  Although the issue is daunting, volunteering with Global Service Corps has shown me that there are ways to make significant, sustainable steps towards establishing greater food security for people in Tanzania.  GSC trainings in organic, water efficient agriculture have empowered village members to grow their own vegetables.  And as we work together to create more sustainable food systems, I think, it helps everyone to appreciate and savor the food that is in front of them that much more.

Lilah T. Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security Program, Tanzania

For more information on GSC’s Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security Program in Tanzania, click here



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