The Global Service Corps Sustainable Agriculture Program helps HIV/AIDs Patients in Tanzania

Sack gardens final

The Sustainable Agriculture Program at Global Service Corps allows participants to be trained in a variety of techniques relevant to the environmental challenges facing rural Tanzanians. 

One of most rewarding techniques participants find learning about and educating about are sack gardens.  Volunteer participants and GSC staff train families with limited space and resources on how to build gardens.  Food is then grown horizontally as well as vertically to maximize amounts of harvestable food.  These gardens take up relatively small amounts of space for the amount of food they produce.  This provides families with a sustainable means of growing vegetables and improving their diets.

Global Service Corps works with vulnerable populations, particularly those suffering from HIV/AIDS.  One volunteer noted on her recent visit,  “One afternoon while staying in Monduli, a couple of staffers and I visited an older gentlemen who they’ve known since their first training in the village several years prior. He was so wonderful and so smart. His home was a prime example of Sustainable Agriculture technologies; it was incredible to see how they had changed his home. It was heartwarming seeing the staffers interact with him, the care they have for him and all the students they interact with.”

Allison M., Tanzania, HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Program


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