Life at Home in Arusha


When not camping in the village, I stay in Sekina, a neighborhood of Arusha, with a local family.  My Mama is wonderful, she owns a bread shop down the street from where we live and she’s always going out of her way to make sure I’m happy and well taken care of.  Baba (Dad) is really great but he works a lot so we basically exchange greetings and sometimes eat an awkwardly silent but nice breakfast together.  They have 5 children who are all grown and live in Dar Es Saalam except Emmy who is 22, but she will be going back to University soon.  Brither is 15 and Mama’s granddaughter … and finally there’s Jackie, another granddaughter who is four.  She is the funniest and craziest child I have ever met and makes home both amazing and exhausting.  Tanzanian home life is really not much different then American home life, except the day ends earlier (everyone is generally asleep by 10) and starts earlier (up by 6:30).  Taking a bucket bath and using a squatting toilet are taking some getting used to but I’m pretty much a pro by now.

Leah E., Tanzania HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Program


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