Finding Happiness in Simplicity


This amazing week was overall an unforgettable experience that allowed us to enter the homes and hearts of people who I would have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise. The village leaders and mamas were a spunky bunch and a lot of fun to hang around with. The village itself was like nothing I’d seen before. I cannot emphasize enough the extreme dryness of the environment. There is no electricity and the outdoor faucets get water once a month. Yet it was beautiful and charming, truly highlighting the simplicity of life and made me think of all the excesses in mine. These people were happy, genuinely happy with the hand they were dealt in life and I felt my own heart warmed by their presence. Each household thanked us by sharing chai, running to the store to buy sodas, or ripping off a bundle of bananas from their tree for our journey home. There was a strong sense of community existing among the villagers, something I wish we had in the US.

Darby O., Service-Learning Semester in Tanzania


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