The Fruits of Tanzania!


Imagine sitting in class when a loud clashing sound reverberates over your head.  As you nearly jump out of your skin, the volunteer coordinator just laughs and says, “Don’t worry, it’s just another avocado dropping on our tin roof.”

Yes, avocados grow on trees here and they’re huge…the small ones are still at least 2 times bigger than any I’ve seen in the states.  Numerous other fruit trees dot the landscape here along with beautiful flowers. Greens grow wild and we have them at every meal except breakfast.  We also have bananas, avocados, oranges and cucumbers at every meal.  Fortunately, I like all of them so I’m enjoying them.  Bananas are sometimes cooked with meat or just roasted giving them an almost potato-like texture.  They’re quite good cooked.  Last week, I tried fresh passion fruit for the first time and I loved it.  It’s sweet but also has a nice tangy taste as well.  With its unique taste and texture, I find it hard to describe.  And of course, the mango is so wonderfully delicious!!!

Patricia J., Tanzania International Health Program

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