Pratice Khmer with Global Service Corps!


While many people speak English in Cambodia, learning everyday Khmer (or “K’mai”) phrases will be very helpful and efforts will be appreciated by the locals. Studying Khmer will help build a better connection with the local people, show respect to the host country, and avoid higher prices that may be asked of foreigners. Because of this, during orientation, Global Service Corps participants receive Khmer language lessons. Here are some helpful greetings to get started!

Hello    Chom reap sour (formal) Sours’dey (informal)
Good morning    Arun sours’dey
How are you?    Sok-sabai tay?
Fine thanks    Sok-or kun
Goodbye    Leer san houy
See you later    Jupe knia tnay krouy
My name is…    Kgnom tchmuu …
What is your name?    Neak tchmuu ay?
Have good health    Sohn Mien Sohkaapheap laáw
Thank you    Akun cherain

To learn more about Global Service Corps, visit our website here!


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