The Sights and Sounds of Village Life


The village of Samaria lies somewhere between Mount Meru and the stunning Mount Kilimanjaro. Walking down a dirt road at sunset, each one of these giants in my peripheral view sets the appropriate backdrop for my week in Samaria.  11 GSC trainers including myself spent Monday-Friday camping in Samaria and offering food drying/storage, sustainable agriculture, and chicken vaccination trainings to willing community members as well as a daily HIV/AIDS education class at the primary school. I was pretty nervous to teach my first training and was apprehensive to make any jokes or do anything out of the ordinary in front of the 30 curious faces staring at me. But after the first day, I felt more at ease and had a successful week working alongside a Tanzanian trainer as my mentor. We camped outside the house of a family who lived in the village in what I kept telling myself were lion proof tents, although they were thinner than a sandwich bag. The house was complete with too many kids to keep track of, cows, chickens, dogs, goats and the two largest turkeys I’ve ever seen. You can imagine the noise this lively group is capable of creating, and believe me, they were nothing short of an orchestra each morning.

Darby O., Tanzania Sustainable Agriculture Program

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