Helping Break the Poverty Cycle; One of GSC’s local partners in Cambodia

Today, Cambodia is still struggling to establish developed institutions after years of war and genocide. 30% of Cambodians are in poverty, and the Cambodian government does not have a welfare system. Education is an important tool in breaking the poverty cycle, and Global Service Corps teams up with local organizations to help transform children’s lives for the better. Here is what one of GSC’s in-country partner organizations does to not only provide education to low-income children, but also to help them meet their daily needs:

  • Establish centers in poor districts. Each Centre admits up to 100 children, and is operated by Khmer staff – a manager, six trainers, a cook and a housekeeper.
  • Enroll the children in carefully selected local schools, and pay all fees and costs. Children attend for half-days, 6 days a week.
  • On the other half-days the children attend the Centre, where they receive:
    • Meals and nutritional supplements
    • Tutoring in their schoolwork
    • Coaching to read and speak English
    • Training in life skills
  • Each child is mentored to believe in themselves and in their leadership potential.
  • The children in our program can no longer work on the streets helping to earn their family’s income, so we compensate families by distributing them food.
  • We appoint sponsors for each child. Sponsors help finance the operation, and encourage the children through letters and email.

Learn more about how you can help! Visit our website here.


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