English in Cambodia

According to the World Bank Group, although 87% of children in Cambodia complete primary school, only 35% of children enroll in secondary schools. This causes many children, especially those from low-income families, to not have the opportunity to become proficient in their English speaking skills. According to a 2005 report by The Bangkok Post, Cambodia has the worst English language skills in South East Asia. Knowing how to speak English not only helps people become more competitive in the job market in their home country, but because it is considered the global business language, it also provides more opportunities for work abroad. It is estimated that more than two-thirds of the scientists in the world read in English, 80% of the world’s electronically stored information is in English, and more than 36% of all communication across the internet occurs in English.

Because of the prevalence of English throughout the world, learning the language has become ever more important in finding work opportunities. Join Global Service Corps and local non-profits in Cambodia in teaching English to children from low-income communities, helping to provide them with opportunities for a brighter future. GSC volunteers receive preparatory material and in-country teacher training to provide much needed English language training and practice to Cambodian children in preparation for gaining employment.

For more information on GSC’s Cambodia Teach English Abroad Program, please visit our website here.

Sources for data: The World Bank Group, Academia International


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