Leaving A Positive Sustainable Impact

We went to about 6 villages over the course of 12 weeks and..I mainly taught food drying and BIA classes and demonstrations. This included [demonstrations on] compost, double-dug bed, sack garden, making food dryers, and cooking with dried food. Building hafirs and grain storage units were also projects that I worked on. All of the demos were physical work (my favorite part). There were lectures/talks where we used flipcharts and handbooks that we gave out to them, and the building of hafirs and grain storage units was very physical—in a good way.

Most of the students and community members were very responsive and wanted to take full advantage of what GSC was offering, and in that respect I feel confident about the impact that we had in the communities we went to. I definitely feel that on an inter-personal level, we made a very positive impact and that all parties enjoyed and benefited from cross-cultural exchange. I do feel that our efforts left a sustainable impact.

Lauren C., Tanzania Integrated Program

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