Paul Mallya’s Transformation

Paul Mallya is an old man who lives in Monduli. He is 72 years old, a widower who lost his wife several years ago. His compound looks like that of a single old man: not many flowers, old broken implements lying around, long grass and a general lack of sweeping that his good wife used to do. Despite his age, he is very active in every economic farming activity, and very clever in everything, especially agriculture.

During the time GSC-TZ started training farmer groups in his village, he did not attend the training. He later found his friend and neighbor reading a GSC-TZ textbook on sustainable agriculture and borrowed it. When he started reading the book, the part which was interesting to him was double digging a garden. He stopped right there and started to make double digging garden beds. That was May 2010.

This was not enough; he tried to make an arrangement to attend a subsequent sustainable agriculture training which was actually conducted at his own home gardens. Every person who attended the training appreciated his work. Now he currently manages 20 double digging beds, 6 sack gardens and has constructed 3 hafirs x 10,000 litres, which are full of water. His garden is full of different kinds of vegetables.

Recently when visited by Jack Markkand, the PfD Executive Director, Mr. Mallya said that the GSC-TZ organization is unique among organizations providing different agricultural training methods. He appreciates what GSC-TZ has in its training package because it deals with human health and soil health. [Mr. Mallya] uses the vegetables in different ways. The first and the best use is for his family and his neighbors. Secondly, he uses the vegetables to feed the chickens and cows. Thirdly, through selling the vegetables, he gets money for needs such as sugar, cooking oil, salt, and kerosene.

He thanks GSC-TZ for making him busy and happier: “Thank you very much, Global, for helping me to hire myself. Also for making me to be a busy old man by working in these gardens!” He also thanked GSC-TZ for the support of subsidizing the plastic sheets for hafirs which enable him to have enough water for his garden.

Impact story by Anna Mtui, Global Service Corps -Tanzania Sustainable Agriculture Trainer

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