Sights and Sounds to Last a Lifetime

I would not say there was one moment that was the most memorable. I think overall, the city itself will stick with me forever. It was exciting being totally immersed in a county and culture that was unfamiliar to me. I have never been on a trip for so long by myself, so it was fun getting to wander the city and experience things I have never seen before! Seeing, hearing, and smelling new things on a day to day basis is what will stay in my memory for a long time.

One of the memorable experiences that stood out the most was visiting the orphanage that is a little ways outside of the city. We spent the day there touring and talking with the kids and volunteers. It was interesting seeing the way these children got along and cared for each other. I was so impressed by how mature and fair these children were; they make their own rules at the orphanage and the majority of the kids abide by the rules. While being there, I had to chuckle thinking of how a child-governed community would play out back in America…

Remara K., Cambodia HIV/AIDS Prevention Program


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