Jambo! First impressions of Arusha

My first few days in Arusha have been pretty amazing. The people here are so friendly (today a man on the street introduced himself, said that we should stay in Tanzania forever and offered us plots of his land to move here). Everyone walking down the street says jambo, “hello”, or karibu, “welcome”, and shakes your hand. Yesterday I jumped in to local Tanzanian food and ordered mysterious meat stew which was surprisingly delicious (though I have no idea what it was). I’m getting excited to take Swahili classes so that I can actually talk to all the friendly people. The power going out is an almost daily occurrence, but luckily we are in a nice neighborhood so it usually comes back on within a couple hours (the headlamp was a good call!)

Overall, Arusha is a lively and friendly city…the kind people, great music and culture make it hard to even notice the dirty streets or cars and motorcycles, which try to run you over every 3 seconds or so. My group seems fun so far and I am looking forward to starting classes on Monday. I’m missing everyone at home, but luckily I’ve been so busy and awestruck by everything going on that I haven’t had much time to thinking about what I might be missing out on.

Hannah, W., Tanzania Semester Program


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