Bonding with the local people

My most memorable experiences will be the relationships I formed with wonderful local people and the genuine moments spent together.  I’ll never forget the times I spent bonding with my homestay sister, singing and dancing together in the living room; an afternoon I spent with some Maasai mamas after a training, drinking chai and learning some of the women’s songs; chatting with some younger Maasai dadas in broken Swahili and being taught how to carry buckets of manure on my head; and so many more.

– Andi B., Tanzania Sustainable Agriculture Program


One response to “Bonding with the local people

  1. This is wonderful stay in Tanzania. Staying with Tanzania families is a great advantage for visitors. This gives them an opportunity to learn a lot of things about culture. Global service Corps have an opportunity to have a wide area to work. Not only Arusha region where people need to get support. There are other regions in Tanzania where people need Global Service Corps. I personally would like to Support the global Service Corps by introducing new areas of service. I would personally like to hank you much for your efforts to support Tanzania communities.
    Kind regards


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