Ice Cream Served on Bread? Children Who Wait Patiently in Line? Unusual, but Awesome!

A GSC volunteer is pleasantly surprised at the calm, mannered and appreciative Thai children during the orphanage care program.

Friday…all of the volunteers pooled our available cash to buy the 80 children left at the orphanage some ice cream and iced pop.  The first ice cream serving was in a cone but when that ran out it was served on bread.  No one complained and they were so happy and appreciative.  The children at the orphanage always sounded happy and are constantly smiling.   During the entire week I did not hear one kid raise his voice.  Even when they talk, it is always with such calm.  The only thing we heard in the background was music and a lot of kids singing, singing, singing.   When the children have to wait for something, they are always in lineups no matter what their age and there is no pushing or shoving while in the lineup.

Bea E., Orphanage Care Program, Thailand


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