Gratitude and Integrity: The Maasai

The group of Maasai men and women we were working with were not only some of the kindest people I have trained, but also whom I have spent a week of my life with. Though many of them only spoke Maasai, and not Swahili, they made an effort to communicate and show their appreciation for what we were teaching them. This really struck me when a woman approached me during a practical to ask if she could take some extra nails home. In the past, we have had some problems with people stealing materials or taking more than their share. However, when I told this woman that we would be passing out supplies to each person on Friday, she not only promptly put them back but continued to find spare nails on the ground and return them to me. I was truly inspired by this woman, who had very little in terms of her own material possessions, and her willingness to respect what we were doing. I can’t say if I would have been as honest as her if I was in her shoes.

-Hannah W., Tanzania Semester Program, 2011


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    • Thank you for your comment! Global Service Corps has projects in a variety of areas, such as HIV prevention and sustainable agriculture and nutrition. This training was regarding sustainable agriculture. Check out our website if you’re interested in learning more: . We appreciate your interest!


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