Faces of HIV in Tanzania

We…visited a Tanzanian NGO run by a strong woman, Mama Mosha, who promotes women’s rights through education, legal training, micro-finance and community discussions. She is a remarkable example of the potential of a passionate and devoted spirit, as she has built the organization from the ground and struggles every year to keep it afloat.  [The organization] also conducts home-based care, in response to the need for HIV/AIDS care in a stigmatized environment. She told us that after patients would die, if she would return to the area, children would chase after her, begging her to do something because [they] were being abused, raped or uncared for. This led her to start a nursery school and set up foster homes so she now has the capacity to care for these children left parentless due to AIDS. We spent time with all the beautiful children at the nursery school and after we shared hugs, kisses, and laughs, I thought I was going to fall over when Mama Mosha told me that almost all of these children were HIV positive. It was an obvious connection that I failed to make. Once again, I felt unbelievably lucky and guilty to be standing there.

-Darby O., Tanzania Semester Integrated Program, 2011


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