Working hard to feed lots of hungry mouths!

To accompany the lemongrass planted about 2 months ago, we transplanted the tomato, eggplant, and bell pepper seedlings in the bed.  Second, we directly planted carrot, chives, jicama, cilantro, and a variety of flowers throughout (Calendula, African Marigold, Himalayan Marigold, Morning Glory trellising saucers) from seed.  Then, we placed 22 cowpea seeds each in two rice sacks filled with a topsoil, compost and gravel core mix.  This is also known as a Sack Garden, which takes advantage of vertical gardening with limited space.  Finally, we placed a cucumber seedling, two winter melon seedlings, and a sponge gourd seedling in salvaged water jug containers.  Everything seems to be growing well.

Brian R., Cambodia Sustainable Agriculture Fellow, 2012


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