Why GSC?


I grew up traditional Maasai.  My father had two wives and 20 kids, and I didn’t start school until I was 11.  Then my father died when I was 18, and I took responsibility for the family.  But eventually, with help from other people, I got to go back to school and earned a teacher’s certificate.  Now I am earning a degree in community development. I was looking for a hands-on field practicum to go with the theoretical knowledge I gained in course studies.  Another student, who was a former Global Service Corps volunteer, told me that GSC does exactly what I want to do with my degree.  I want to empower people, like Maasai groups, poor families, and orphans at the community level.  I want to teach in a way that directly helps poor people, because I got to this level in my life by people helping me.

– Noah L., Tanzania


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