Weeks 5 and 6: Service, Learning, and “Really Cool”

GSC Volunteers and Staff Introduce New Programs at Annual Agriculture Show

WEEK 5:  On Monday and Tuesday we were in Monduli village, which is about 45 minutes from Arusha.  In Monduli we shadowed our Tanzanian trainer Tom, who taught us about nutrition and the importance of good nutrition for women and children and people living with HIV/AIDS.  One part of this program teaches people from the village how to make food dryers so that they can have access to fruits and vegetables at all times of the year.

Wednesday to Friday we had sustainable agriculture training at Tengeru.  We learned how to make double dug beds, compost, a primary nursery, and a sack garden.

On Saturday we went to Arusha National Park on safari.  It was so beautiful there.  We saw tons of giraffes and zebras.  We also saw moneys, baboons, flamingos, wart hogs, and water buffalo.  Unfortunately we didn’t see any elephants.  The views there were amazing!

WEEK 6:  This past week we were in Engikareti, which is a Maasai village about an hour away from Arusha.  Kenya and I taught food drying and nutrition, which was fun, and there were about twenty participants in our class.  One of the men in our class had 10 wives and 27 children!  Also while in Engikareti we vaccinated chickens.  Every morning we got up at 5:45 and went to different bomas (Maasai homesteads) to vaccinate chickens.  In all we vaccinated over 700 chickens!

Yesterday Melanie, Kenya, and I went to the Messerani Snake Park and Maasai Cultural Museum.  We got to hold a two year old crocodile, a tortoise, and a striped sand snake.  We also rode a camel, which was really cool.

– Natalie G., Tanzania


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