Wat’s in on Clean-Environment Plan


Today we held a 1 hour on-site meeting with all older teens and adults who work or live at the Wat.  The goal was to communicate with these key stakeholders and involve them in carrying out the following: 1) keep clean and beautify the Wat community property, 2) consolidate food and green plant wastes to feed the natural compost fertilizers, 3) consolidate plastic and glass bottles to be traded for money, which will go back to Wat so it can maintain waste consolidation operations, and 4) teach all children and adults here the importance of the environment and sustainability.

The meeting was successful as it brought together many of the staff for training on how to consolidate various waste material via receptacles, and everyone was very receptive.  We toured the composting and garden area.  I explained the importance of all the moving parts to this program, why we are doing it, and how their actions and participation impacts the success of beautifying the Wat’s property for their community as well as all visitors and donors to enjoy.

Next, I plan to conduct an environmental day with the children.  I am not going to do much lecturing.  It’s going to be a day filled with arts and crafts, games, and activities related to sustainability and the environment.

– Brian R., Cambodia


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