Holiday Newsletter: Give a Gift that Gives Back this Holiday Season!

Alternative Gift Giving through Global Service Corps

Give loved ones a truly meaningful holiday gift this year. GSC Alternative Gifts assist Tanzanian communities in receiving resources and training that will help them live healthier lives! Get all of your holiday shopping done at once with GSC. There are a variety of tax deductible gift options available.

CLICK HERE to donate to one of these projects!

Youth HIV/AIDS and Health Education

A gift of HIV/AIDS and health education will provide essential education for youth so they will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to prevent HIV/AIDS. Gifts are available from $10 for education materials for school peer educators to $500 to fund an entire peer education training workshop for 20 students.

Hafirs – Rainwater Collection Tanks for Home Garden Irrigation

A gift of a hafir creates a home water source to reduce the need for women and children to haul water long distances. This 12 m3 trench is lined and covered with plastic to decrease evaporation and filtration. Surrounded by a natural jatropha tree or acacia thorn fence to keep animals and small children out, a hafir can hold 12,000 liters of water and only costs 1/50th of other conventional options! During the rains, the tank collects and stores rainwater that can then be used for various tasks during the dry season, such as watering home gardens.

Home Garden for an Orphanage

A gift of a home garden is a way for orphanages to supply nutritious and organic meals for children in a self-reliant way and also provides children with training on important income-generating life skills. Give a gift of seeds for the garden ($20), garden tools ($100) or an entire home garden ($200).

Chicken Vaccination Project

A gift of vaccinating chickens against Newcastle Disease will provide a family with increased nutrition and sources of income. Each year Newcastle Disease kills 70% of the chicken population in Tanzania. Since chickens are the livestock of the poor and vulnerable including children, this disease has a major impact on the lives and well-being of a large portion of the population. In 2009, GSC launched a project called “Catch That Chicken” which focuses on vaccinating chickens against this disease. These vaccinations reduce losses to Newcastle Disease by up to 75%, which dramatically increases availability of eggs and poultry for consumption by most vulnerable populations.

CLICK HERE to learn more about alternative gift options and make a donation!


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