Today is FWD Day. Share the Facts.

GSC shares USAID’s hope for today:  The attention of millions of Americans turned to the devastating famine, war and drought (FWD) in the Horn of Africa and East African countries.  See  FWD facts here and FWD (forward) them on through Twitter, Facebook, email, your blog… Like GSC, you’ll be part of today’s first-of-its kind public awareness campaign focused on FWD relief in Africa. USAID hopes today’s effort will generate over 13 million tweets and other media shares on FWD facts  (over 13 million people in the region are in crisis right now, for example).

In tune with the US Agency for International Development’s hope for today’s campaign, Global Service Corps knows relief starts with efforts to raise public awareness followed by opportunities to respond.  Global Service Corps offers people the chance to be directly involved: For over a decade, Global Service Corps has worked with local communities in Tanzania to address issues of drought, hunger, nutrition, HIV prevention and more through volunteer programs that let participants learn about, live with and help communities in Tanzania’s Arusha Region, near the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  See GSC’s program focused on food security and small-scale sustainable agriculture on the Global Service Corps website


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