Kicking the Trash Habit

The children have a habit of just throwing their trash on the ground.  Though I don’t blame them.  Prior to the introduction of plastics and packaging, it wasn’t such a problem. Khmer people have been used to throwing their trash (which before consisted of natural, decomposable materials) on the ground.  However, with the introduction of packaging came new kinds of waste that won’t decompose. Now there’s a persistent issue with littering on and the aesthetics of the Wat’s and neighbors’ property in this beautiful, rural area.

I’ve determined the community needs to consolidate waste onsite and reuse their resources. The community founder really appreciates the idea.  I need to come up with a plan, but in the meanwhile I’ll lead by example.  I’ll pick up trash when I can in the hope that children will imitate and follow.  I started asking the western volunteers to consolidate food scraps.  All materials necessary to build a compost pile for the gardens can be found here on site.  Bottles and cans can be collected for money…  There is so much to tell, and there are so many ideas flowing right now, but I’ll hold off before I overwhelm the reader…

– Brian R., Cambodia


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