September Newsletter: Teach Health Education to Street Kids in Cambodia this Winter

Successful Pilot Project Leads to Expanded Health Workshops for Impoverished Cambodian Children

Built upon the best practices from GSC’s Tanzania and Thailand HIV/AIDS Programs, a two-day Health Education Workshop pilot project was launched in Phnom Penh in July 2011. After this successful pilot, the workshop is now being expanded to a four-day program and is scheduled to be offered along with follow up activities throughout the year. The next series of workshops will take place between January 10 – 27, providing GSC volunteer students and professionals an opportunity to give back to those in need during winter breaks and holiday vacations.

GSC is collaborating with a partner organization in Cambodia that serves 1,400 street children aged 11-13 in Phnom Penh. The organization currently runs 14 youth centers with plans to establish new centers that will accommodate even more children in need. Providing education, support and mid-day meals, these centers offer children from poor families a safe space for healthy growth and development, as well as an opportunity to engage in academic, art, and enrichment activities such as music, educational play and dance.

GSC volunteers assist in enriching all aspects of life for these children in need, including teaching them essential English skills that can lead to opportunities that would otherwise not be open to them. During the Health Education Workshops and follow up activities, GSC will be providing vital training to the children who attend these centers. Based on a needs assessment of the local communities in Phnom Penh, GSC’s Health Education Workshops will focus on HIV/AIDS education and prevention, drug and alcohol abuse awareness, and issues related to domestic violence.

Individuals interested in assisting with the preparation and implementation of the upcoming January workshops can apply for the December 19th or January 2nd start date for the HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Program. Volunteers will receive a week of cultural orientation, Khmer lessons and technical training upon arrival in Cambodia prior to assisting with the workshops. Opportunities are available before and after the 4-day workshops to teach English as well as contribute to the planning and follow-up activities necessary to transform this new program into a sustainable project that will provide generations of Cambodian children with the skills and knowledge to lead healthy lives and attain bright futures.

Click here to watch a video from our pilot program!

Apply now to take part in a meaningful service-learning program this winter holiday!


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