Back Home

I finally arrived back in Connecticut after spending nine weeks in Arusha region of Tanzania (near Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru) with the Global Service Corps. Being back has been very different.  I have only been home for about two weeks so it will take a little more adjusting back into American culture after being around people who are so vastly different than we are.   While in Tanzania I went to four different villages and taught students and community members about HIV/AIDS, life skills, food drying, nutrition for women and children and people living with HIV and AIDS, as well as sustainable agriculture practices, particularly Bio-intensive agriculture, and how to vaccinate chickens against Newcastle’s disease.  For the nine weeks I stayed with a Tanzanian host family.  The family I stayed with was so kind, and the father (who worked as a pastor, a civil engineer, and a translator for Compassion International) spoke English very well.  In general communicating was pretty simple.  Many Tanzanians who live in Arusha speak at least some English because secondary school is primarily taught in English and all universities teach in English.  The most interesting part of my time in Tanzania was seeing and learning about the Maasai culture and how some of their cultural practices have influenced the spread of HIV within the Maasai culture.  Overall my trip was amazing, and I hope that I will be blessed enough to have an experience as life changing as this was again.  This was definitely an experience I will never forget.

– Natalie G., Tanzania


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