Unexpected Truths

Expect the ABSOLUTE unexpected. Things you couldn’t expect in a million million years!!! TIA is what they say…This is Africa….with a roll of the eyes and a shrug of the shoulders. Like finding yourself parked on a dirt road changing a flat tire and all of a sudden being surrounded by dozens of Massai women and children, half covered in cow manure, half covered in intricately beaded jewelry. They start singing and dancing, jumping up and down. Or finding yourself at a local New Year’s party, the only white people for a mile, uninvited but very welcome, eating and drinking and toasting the guest’s of honor and listening to speech after speech trying to piece together what is going on, how you got there. It is too random to keep up with on a daily basis, so we try to settle back and roll with it.

The level of convinence and comfort at home does not seem possible–people here live with so little and work so hard for what they have. Even driving down the “highway” you see person after person carrying a 5 gallon bucket of water on their head, or several strapped to the back of a bike, or a wheelbarrow full-some people walk up to 20 km a DAY for water, an exausting process. These people are STRONG, they work so hard for EVERYTHING they have.

-Alana F. & Adam M., Tanzania


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