GSC Newsletter: Earn College Credit Interning in Tanzania this Spring Semester!

GSC is Now Accepting Students for the 15 Credit HIV/AIDS, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Service-Learning Program

Global Service Corps, in partnership with SUNY-Albany, is offering a unique study abroad service-learning experience for students with interests in international development, public health, agriculture, and global food security. This 15-week 15-credit program takes place from January 16 – April 30, 2012 and encompasses both hands-on field service experiences and an in-depth academic component.

Designed for individuals with multiple interests, this program allows students to participate in two GSC program areas providing a cross-sectoral response to community development in Tanzania. The focus of this service-learning experience is for students to expand their own knowledge while at the same time helping to educate local community members in HIV/AIDS prevention and rural sustainable agriculture.

Students will receive orientation in the language, culture, and history of the Tanzanian people as well as academic and technical training in the areas of HIV/AIDS and Food Security that will prepare them to assist in a variety of community development and training projects. The HIV/AIDS field component includes community awareness activities and trainings that target youth and adults with the ultimate goal of mitigating the spread of HIV/AIDS in a sustainable manner. Focusing on food security, students will assist in community workshops and will also help maintain a demonstration plot that utilizes innovative bio-intensive agriculture techniques designed to increase food production and alleviate the main causes of food losses. Through both academic training and field service work in HIV/AIDS and sustainable agriculture, students will come to understand the interconnectedness of sustainable food production, income generation, and overall health and wellness.

To read the full program overview and learn about opportunities for students including how to obtain credit, visit:

To apply for this program visit:


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