Breaking Ground in Cambodia

In mid-July, Global Service Corps broke ground on a new Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Program in Cambodia.  After three years of community development work in Cambodia, GSC has recognized the critical need for integrating a sustainable agriculture module with its existing programs.  Cambodia is one of the most food insecure countries in Asia with nearly 1 in 2 children under the age of five suffering from malnourishment.  Currently, there is an ever-growing demand from the rural population and recognition by the Cambodian government to enhance food security and bolster agricultural resources in a sustainable manner.  To meet this demand, GSC will draw from its 17 years experience in East Africa and transfer its successful community development model, best management practices, and techniques in sustainable agriculture and food security to Cambodia.

“The goal of the project,” as expressed by Brian Reyes, the Cambodia Program Developer and Fellow, “is to stabilize food supply in rural Cambodia through community development, education, and training.  GSC and I will establish an educational and training center where community leaders, schools, local teachers/educators, families and children can gather to learn about subsistence farming, crop diversification, feasible post-harvest methods, and sustainable agriculture techniques.”

Stay tuned for in-the-field updates!

Learn more about this Community Development Project!


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