15 Credit Semester – Fall 2011/Spring2012

kids in masaai villageThis integrated HIV/AIDS and food security community development program is built on Global Service Corps’ (GSC) 17 years of experience providing service-learning programs in East Africa.  For the past 10 years, students participating in GSC’s international programs qualified to earn academic credit through SUNY-Albany on individual programs. GSC and SUNY-Albany are now jointly offering this fifteen credit semester integrated program.  Students successfully completing the course will receive six regular semester hour credits and nine Pass/Fail credits from SUNY-Albany.

This GSC program provides a unique opportunity to learn while serving alongside GSC Tanzanian staff in rural communities Student participants will have a true intercultural experience through living and working with the people of Tanzania. Students will be welcomed to stay with a local host family who will generously introduce the culture, traditions, and cuisine of Tanzania.  During rural community development assignments, students will also have opportunities to experience camping in rural areas while working with Maasai groups and other indigenous cultures.  This cultural immersion will provide a first-hand experience of very different perspectives on life, family, time, wealth, nature, and religion. Best of all, students will feel the sense of satisfaction that comes from giving something back to these wonderful people who have given so much to them.  While the weekdays will be spent learning and serving the local communities, weekends are free for students to socialize, travel, and soak in the beautiful and unique sights of Tanzania.  Also included in the program is a daylong safari excursion hosted by GSC.

Designed for individuals with multiple programmatic interests, the Semester Integrated Service-Learning Program allows students to participate in two GSC program areas providing a cross-sectoral response to development in Tanzania.  As participants in the GSC HIV/AIDS Prevention Program, students will be prepared to assist GSC staff in providing HIV/AIDS prevention education trainings to youth and adults.  Participants will also receive technical training in sustainable agriculture and food security as part of the GSC Sustainable Agriculture Food Security Program.  Weeks four through twelve will provide opportunities for students to participate as training assistants in sustainable agriculture and HIV/AIDS prevention community workshops. Students will also assist GSC staff with hands-on innovative food security field work and trainings.

To learn more about this program go to the GSC website.


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