Orphanage Care Program

Children at the orphanage

Today, Cambodia continues to struggle after decades of war and corruption. The consequences are particularly grim for the children in Cambodia. Poverty and abandonment have led to an increase in the population of orphans and left many deeply scarred. An especially difficult situation is the plight of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Together with local non-profit organizations, GSC is committed in transforming the lives of the abandoned and orphaned children in Cambodia.

GSC works with a unique orphanage outside of Phnom Penh to bring light and happiness into the lives of children who have been orphaned because they are HIV+ or whose parents died from AIDS . In the beginning, many of these children came from government orphanages and areas around Phnom Penh. Now, more and more abandoned children are coming from poor villages near the orphanage.

The orphanage is staffed by local community members who are committed to raising these children to young adulthood. Uniquely situated in a community-based setting southeast of Phnom Penh, the orphanage provides housing, nutrition, medical attention and education to the children. Collaboratively, GSC volunteers assist the local staff to help organize activities for the children, teach basic English classes and assist with other educational activities. As a GSC volunteer, you will not only be a teacher, but also a mentor and a friend while having the unique opportunity to be a part of the orphanage family and live with the children and staff.

To learn more about the program visit GSC website.


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