9-Credit Program in Tanzania

HIV/AIDS Prevention Education, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
students in tanzania

Program Dates:  June 6 – August 6, 2011    Sign up before April!

Global Service Corps’ 9 week summer program gives students the opportunity to learn while serving some of Tanzania’s most vulnerable populations including widows, orphans, Maasai and other indigenous cultures. Students will spend their initial four weeks focusing on the GSC HIV/AIDS Prevention Program, engaging in projects such as the HIV/AIDS Peer Education and Life Skills Day Camp as well as assisting in additional community trainings and awareness activities.

During week five, students will begin their training and participation in sustainable agriculture as part of the GSC Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Program. Projects include community workshops, trainings, and hands-on field work in innovative food security techniques such as bio-intensive agriculture, water catchment, and food storage and preservation. Weeks six through nine will provide opportunities for integrated sustainable agriculture and HIV/AIDS prevention work, highlighting the interconnectedness of sustainable food production, income generation, and overall health and wellness.

For more information please visit the GSC website.


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