Discovery Arusha

Day 3! We have finally overcome jet lag, but it was not easy. Five hour naps through the afternoon for the past two days, only to wake up to darkness and a long long night ahead!

Each morning we wake up, or should I say wait for it to be light outside, and go downstairs for breakfast at our hostel. We are served three pieces of milk bread with a fried egg. Jam, butter, dark tea and powdered coffee compliment the meal. So far we have had long talks with the other foreigners staying at Centre House. Germans, Swiss, Kenyans, Tanzanian locals, Canadians…on and on! We seem to be the only Americans in the country!

We have spent the mornings walking around Arusha. We are greeted by the locals trying to sell a variety of different souvenirs. “Sista, sista! Hakuna Matada! Where you from?”  They are very friendly, eager to find out if they can sell us a safari, how long we will be around for, and willing to show us all the tourist areas of interest. The first day we were very overwhelmed and worried about the chaos and motives of the men and boys. Did they want money for “showing” us where our internet cafe was? It took us about an hour to figure out that to be relaxed and friendly was the best way to go. They are also teaching us a lot of Swahili. Free lessons. If only they knew.


Walking the streets is amazing, but we feel like we need some direction and work!!! Training starts tomorrow, we will meet the people we will be working with and be thrown into the whirlwind of Bio-intensive Agriculture in Tanzania!

Alana F. & Adam M.


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