HIV/AIDS in Africa

With the work that we do, we always try to keep an eye on the trends, both globally and in the region which we serve. Recently, PlusNews put out an article with some interesting stats on the progression of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Here are some highlights:

Access to treatment – More than five million people currently have access to life-prolonging antiretroviral drugs, a 12-fold increase over the past six years. However, this still represents just one third of people who need HIV treatment.

Access to prevention of mother-to-child-transmission (PMTCT) improves outcomes for children as well, with studies showing that in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, child mortality declined by 34 percent following improvement in PMTCT. According to UNICEF, HIV is one of four diseases that accounted for 43 percent of all deaths in children under five worldwide in 2008.

Condom availability and use – Globally, condom use has doubled over the past five years, according to UNAIDS. An estimated 13 billion condoms per year will be needed by 2015 to help halt the spread of HIV, but only four condoms were available for every adult male of reproductive age in sub-Saharan Africa.

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