Day Camp

My favorite time of year…day camp time! All year, I eagerly look forward for June to arrive. More volunteers come into the country so the orientation audience is bigger than usual, AND we exclusively train youth in HIV/AIDS prevention, health and life skills. In all honesty, though, day camp is a lot of fun and the volunteers from last year were all very glad they got to take part in such a meaningful volunteer program. In addition to our traditional two-week program conducted in secondary schools, we are also expanding to train youth not normally reached by our programs in schools. GSC is partnering with Mkombozi Centre for Street Children to conduct a week-long camp for 40 of their street kids along with 25 Form 1 students from Arusha Meru Secondary School. We will also conduct a similar week-long camp for 25 youth who are part of Whisperers in the Jungle. Whisperers in the Jungle is a local organization that creates a home for kids who have no family. We are excited about this addition to our youth program and the opportunities it will create in the future for GSC volunteers.
Global Service Corps has also benefited greatly this year from the generosity of local supporters in order to subsidize the costs of these programs. Unlike in the United States, there is no tax-deduction for donating to worthy causes. I often wonder, “What is the motivation?” I had my doubts that any businesses would contribute, because really, “What’s in it for them?” However, I have been pleasantly surprised that we (actually Erwin, GSC’s Director of Operations) have raised over one million TSH (about $1000) not including donations of food, supplies, and T-shirts!! People here do understand that education for youth on health issues is lacking and are eager to support our program.

In addition, this year during the first week of June, Arusha is hosting the Leon H. Sullivan Summit. It is an honor to be chosen to host this event, as it will add to the economy of Arusha by bringing 4000-6000 guests to town!! What a great way to kick off high season!! Many prominent African Americans are expected to attend such as Chris Tucker, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and several famous basketball players as well as 30 heads of state. During this time GSC is also going to start advertising for the newly developed ‘development tourism’ program.

So needless to say with all that is going on, GSC and the entire town of Arusha are excited that June has arrived!!


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