GSC International Health Programs in Cambodia

Following a week-long orientation and training, Cambodia IH non-professional program participants spend three to five weeks providing HIV/AIDS prevention and English training at local NGOs and orphanages. The minimum time commitment for the primarily HIV/AIDS program is five weeks and for participants enrolling for a shadowing component, the commitment is six weeks or more. The additional one to three weeks of the minimum six-week IH program are spent observing and shadowing doctors and nurses at private hospitals and clinics. The length of the shadowing component is dependent on placement availability at the time. Professional program participants join the orientation and training program for the first three days and are then assigned to the hospital or clinic. Professional volunteers can participate on this program for a minimum of three weeks, but a minimum four- to six-week program is recommended.
Homestays are available for all Cambodia IH Program participants and apartment or group housing can also be arranged.
GSC has developed these new placements to provide an improved program for all our IH participants, including expanded shadowing and service opportunities.  A longer nine-week International Health Internship is also available in both Thailand and Cambodia for those seeking to either fulfill academic requirements, or to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of medical and public health issues in the developing world. Further information about these programs can be found at

Feel free to call or email GSC with your questions at or 
These IH placements are limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you are interested in these placements, I encourage you to initiate the application process on our website as soon as possible.
We look forward to you joining GSC on one of these life-changing International Health service-learning and cultural immersion programs.


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