Children In Cambodia

Editors Note: Kristen volunteered in 2009 on the Cambodia International Health Program. This is a recent account of a return trip she made in 2010. Thanks for the post Kristin!

I am totally in love with all of the children. They are all so loving and happy. Every morning I am greeted with tons of hugs and “hel-los”. At any given moment, I have 1 to 10 children holding my hand or clothes. Many of them have become experts at sneaking past the nurses in the clinic to get to the room where we work.
All the children learn English in school and love to practice talking with us. We have become pros at stating our name, age, number of brothers/sisters, occupation, and where we live. We in return get to practice our Khmai (which is up to about 10 words/phrases).

And, they are the best patients. They rarely cry even if they are sick or have large wounds from moto accidents. Toddlers let you look in their ears and listen to them without fighting you. And…they start taking pills instead of liquid medicines at the age of 2. Impressive! (PS – we call the little girl here happy, she is always smiling and absolutely adorable. She runs right into your arms whenever people come by!) To be cont’d next week…

-Kristin, GSC volunteer, Cambodia International Health Program

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