GSC launches new programs in Cambodia!

GSC has been offering Conversational English and Orphanage Care programs in Thailand since 1995. In 2007, GSC launched its “English for Life” program in Thailand, which has brought English language and HIV/AIDS prevention training to secondary school students and their teachers. We are now working with selected local non-profit organizations to bring these unique and successful programs to Cambodia. Placements in these programs are now available in and around the Cambodia capital city of Phnom Penh starting in May of 2009!

The English for Life Program provides direct education, and builds the skills of local teachers in HIV/AIDS Prevention and English as a Foreign Language (EFL). English is not part of the Cambodian public school curriculum. However, many residential children’s centers for orphans, private nonprofit schools, and community-based organizations offer English language instruction, recognizing its importance to the future livelihoods of the children and youth in their care. GSC volunteers have the opportunity to help close this English language instruction knowledge gap, increase teachers’ comfort levels in teaching HIV/AIDS prevention, and keep future generations safe from this disease.

Global Service Corps provides HIV/AIDS and EFL training along with a variety of project placements in orphanages, private nonprofit schools, and community-based organizations. The Cambodia in-country program manager is Susan Hagadorn, EdD, MPA. Susan has over 25 years public health and education experience and has resided in Cambodia the past four years.

Click here for more information about GSC Programs in Cambodia!


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